Sinners Repent

So its been a LONG time since i posted here but despite by unusual
workload, I was inspired this morning during the ride in and wanted to
share. I followed a car in this morning with a bumper sticker that
read, "Change your ways or god will change your location ↓" I'm
assuming the down arrow meant hell...but maybe it just meant
south...maybe he will send you to New Jersey...alas I digress. I was
caught off guard a little bit because it struck me that the bumper
sticker was actually referring to me (and the millions of other people
that don't belong to this man's religion). It was kind of like school
yard bully tactics, "Give me your lunch money or i'm gonna pop you in
the head." Of course, the bully doesn't also put up a false pretense
of loving you in the meantime. Furthermore, does the gentleman in the
car really think that his GOD needs a Capo on earth, an enforcer, a
thug to do his dirty work? Of course he might have gotten that idea
from the catholic church...don't believe me? go to confession. I can
only think how horrible it must be to go through life with such a chip
on your shoulder to believe that you have an imaginary friend who
talks to you and is going to save your soul but he is going to damn
the rest of society (including good friends and family) to eternal
torture. Shouldn't that make these people sad? It would be make me
frightfully upset...thankfully I don't buy that crap. The guy was also
selling his car and had a phone number in the window. Unfortunately I
was on the motorcycle this morning and was without pen and paper to
write it down. I wanted to call him about the up, tell him
i cared very deeply for him, punch him in the face, take his keys and
say i was following god's example. That way he feels good about me
leading a righteous life and I get a crappy old Patrick

Dutch cartoonists...again

So apparently the Dutch government now sees fit to prosecute some Muslims for a very distasteful and anti-semitic cartoon concerning the holocaust. Now, i'm all about distasteful cartoons and so of course I'm not about prosecuting people for writing of publishing them and i'm definately not for double standards. If they wish to prosecute for this than they should have taken out charges against the writers of the infamous prophet cartoons of a few years back that so enraged some muslims. They were both in poor taste and people were offended. Neither should be prosecuted beacuse its not only an issue of fairness its an issue of maintaining a free society where you can offend whoever you please and nobody gets to whine about it after the fact. Patrick OUT!!!