So John McCain finally picked a running mate and I couldn't be happier. Why? Because of the sheer novelty and intrinsic comedic value that both candidates are supplying. Obama says, "We need change, no more old school politics" and then picks an old senate warhorse whose was elected to the senate when nixon was in office and obama was twelve. Then McCain who says, "Obama doesn't have enough experience to be president" goes ahead and picks the 2 year governor of Alaska whose only other experience was being mayor of a town of 6200 people. There are high school principals that hold more sway than that. Ummm...don't these two listen to themselves. I understand that its supposed to bring them votes, Barack was having trouble with white males and McCain is having trouble with women (well actually I guess not seeing as how he married that fox Cindy and her inherited millions). But all that not withstanding doesn't it at all mater that today was McCains 72nd birthday and that a VP pick for him is all that more important. If not because, Palin would be a "heart-beat away" from the presidency but also because if he wins he would almost certainly only serve one term which would make his VP the presumptive nominee next time around. Ummm...let me get this mom, PTA member, small town mayor, small state governor, vice-president??? If that was reasonable then every cashier at wal-mart is only 4 years removed from executive VP in charge of cheap stuff. Let the craziness that will be the republican convention begin assuming they can let go of their guns and bibles long enough to organize themselves (Thanks Barack). Patrick OUT!!!

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Marie said...

You know, it's ironic - as a former Clinton supporter (and I still believe she is the best choice for the Democratic nomination) and, duh, a female, it's McCain's choice of Palin that has made me a decided voter for this election - decided for the other side.

McCain's choice of VP is especially pivotal due to his age, as we all know, and he chose a relatively young female with relatively little experience. It's insulting to think that the disillusioned Clinton supporters are going to be drawn to Palin simply because she is a woman. Furthermore, throughout Clinton's run she generally did NOT focus or emphasize her gender as a reason for her candidacy (much to the feminazis' dismay). And whether you agree with her or not, you can't argue with the fact that HRC first made an appearance in the national spotlight at age 21, and we've certainly gotten to know her better since. So we're supposed to get to know Sarah Palin in 60-something days and feel a-okay with a barely-two-year governor as the *best* choice for VP for a 72-year-old would-be President? Can you say Harriet Miers?

What terrible judgment, and although I think he was trying to do a good thing, McCain is toast.

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