Talkin' Smack

So I guess I’m a little bit sick of people talkin shit behind other people’s backs. I know this probably sounds like I’m bitter about being the victim of such attack but I don’t think that I am (of course, I probably wouldn’t know and would be the last to find out anyways). Instead, I’ve just become more aware of the fact that it happens so very often amongst people I care about. It just needs to stop…it’s the height of dishonesty and cowardess to engage in that activity and it doesn’t serve either party. I’m going to continue on my high horse for a while so if its already pissing you off then you might waste your time elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that we as a society take ourselves FAR to seriously…we have this idea that you have a right to not be offended and yet we are all so willing to dish out offensive dribble whenever it suits us. I’m continually amazed at how “friends” will bad mouth each other at every turn and not immediately see the inescapable hypocrisy that accompanies it. It reminds me of the famous R.W. Emerson quote, “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Perhaps its me…but a lot of us out there are kidding ourselves when it comes to that. We offer far too little forgiveness of one another. This reminds me of another quote by the “great” Rodney G. King, “Can’t we all get along.” I’m now a bit concerned that this all sounds like some kind of plea for sanity in a time of crisis…its not. I just happened to notice this quite a bit over the last few weeks and it somewhat bothers me and as a result I’m going to commit myself to the avoidance of this behavior in the future. That is all…you’re dismissed. Patrick OUT!!!


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