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So the Washington Times is now proposing that the reason that the secular left wants to “get rid of granny” is because they believe in evolution. Wow! So not only am I now a godless evolutionist…I must also be a homicidal sociopathic evolutionist. Evolution= killing grandmothers…do this paper have an editor? Anybody? How does he get away with saying this? Well be supposing that evolutionists see no value in human life…we are all just a bundle of cells and biochemistry with no particular connection to the universe that makes us special. Don’t get me wrong, in the grandest sense…this is something I do believe but in a personal sense this is not true for me and I would venture so far as to say that its not true for many other evolutionists either. Of course he likens the health care reform plans to the secular left trying to “play god” by deciding who lives and who dies. I for one, would never want to play god. All that killing, torturing the people who love you, ignoring pleas for help that you could easily grant, denying atheists vision to see your greatness thereby damning them to a life in hell…rough day being god. I’ll stick to being me with the potential that I might have to kill a grandmother for my evolutionary beliefs every time. Patrick OUT!!!

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Studies show that elderly patients in nursing homes who played with visiting puppies lived longer than those who played with Komodo dragons.

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