So this woman in South Dakota has registered a 0.708 blood alcohol level. For reference, a standard limit is from 0.05-0.08 and the LD50 (lethal dose for half a population) is 0.5. Not only that but she was caught behind the wheel of a stolen car. She was obviously hospitalized and eventually released on bond only to be picked up again drunk and behind the wheel of a stolen car. This woman is clearly a winner. I mean i've been pretty wasted before but i've clearly never been close to this woman. Furthermore when i'm that far gone i'm lucky if i can even tie my shoes much less steal a car. I guess there is the possibility that she got drunk after stealing the vehicle but i mean people do that. Is this like a normal night out for her? She didn't even steal a NICE car...she stole a delivery truck. This makes me think she must have been drunk before the theft...thats what i call a functional alcoholic. Patrick OUT!!!

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