How does this even happen

So it all comes down to not so super tuesday. John McCain will almost certainly clinch his nomination for the GOP and hillary and barack with duke it out for potentially the final time. I think the rest of the world would agree that under no circumstances should Texas and Ohio be involved in really deciding the outcome of an election. I saw yesterday on the news the department of commerce estimated that Ohio has the 7th largest GDP in the country and the 17th largest in the world falling somewhere in between the netherlands and belgium. In addition, Ohio is the nations leading producer of swiss cheese (according to their department of commerce). I'm not sure why they would admit to such a thing...a clearly defective fromage if I've ever seen one developed by a nation that can't take a stance on anything except suspicious banking practices. Now if they were the leading producer of american cheese in all its orange, melty, individually wrapped goodness then I might be able to get behind their power over the political system. If there was ever a more appropriately named national food than American cheese, i've never heard of it. I mean seriously it a hyper processed amalgamation of cheeses with foreign heritages melded together and then individually packaged and sold. Further than that...the is not a cheese color. BUT...its not always orange...sometimes its white which kind of makes sense. Kind of like americans...they don't always fit into categories but you know one when you see one. I guess my tirarde on the societal implications and clear metaphors regarding processed dairy products can wait until later (i haven't even touched on cool whip yet). But seriously, why Ohio and Texas? Hasn't texas done enough already? Shouldn't they have their say removed for a a punishment. I mean really did alright with LBJ and all but then we get dubya...i think that deserves at the very least a "time out" in the corner so you can think about what you've done. Don't get me wrong here...I don't think my home state is doing much better in the political arena...Romney was less than spectacular and dukakis was somewhat embarassing (to say nothing of TEDDY). Going back a few years we did have JFK hailing form the Bay State buts its been kind of downhill since then and I'm not sure we can claim to be number one in anything except maybe, "Most Dropped R's per capita". And then of course, most NBA championships all time, most NHL playoff appearances all time, and most NFL and MLB championshipsin the last 5 years. That makes me feel better. Patrick OUT!!!

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