Playoff Odds

So last night the Celtics won against the Pistons and in the process have gained the first clinched playoff spot. First of all this is absurd and its really an oddity in professional sports. The NBA has a playoff scheme with less sense than some fraternity beer pong tournaments. Here's how it goes...the top 8 teams from each conference (there are two for you non-sports fans) make it to the playoffs. As I do my math...thats 16 teams vying for a championship. Heres the catch...there are only 30 teams TOTAL. Thus, the entire season doesn't even eliminate half the teams from contention. In my mind...this would be like the presidential primaries going on for 8 months only to eliminate Dennis Kucinich and Tom Vilsack. Just isn't satisfying...I want to see people go down in flames and other really fight to win as they teeter just on the edge of contention. Why do we bother with a season at all...why not just extend a playoff bracket all the way to the beginning and seed teams based on last years performance. Ok, so I don't really believe thats a good idea but I think it would save a lot of time. But seriously, if they playoffs started today the celtics would be playing the NJ Nets who dont even have a winning record. If you can't manage to win even half your games over the course of a season then why should you ever be considered a contender for the championship. My solution...turn the NBA playoffs into the NFL playoffs. Each division winner (3 per conference) and then a wild card team. That brings down you numbers to only 8 total teams in the playoffs which means we eliminate 70% during the regular season...thereby giving people a reason to watch the regular season. I'm kind of feeling like...we have now played just over 70% of the why not just give our team a rest for 20 games or so to get really refreshed for the playoffs while the rest of the rif-raf duke it out for the remaining 15 spots. Go Big Baby!!! Patrick OUT!!!

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