Helsinki Recap with Pictures

So I think its that time now, when I should finalyl write about some of my European experiences. The first post will be about the conference in helsinki, not because it was my favorite place but rather because it paid for me to be there and so I need to give it its due.

This was my hotel room, it was really small but kind of cozy. The window at the far end looked onto an office building. I could see in all the windows but never saw anyone working (even during the afternoon one time). I'm not sure if maybe the work crazy hours because it certainly looked like the place was occupied.

This was my room key for the hotel. I could tell it was a classy place because of the included bottle opener. That was a first...of course I didn't use the bottle opener at all, maybe that would have made finland more exciting, i don't know.
This is a picture of the conference hotel's beach. I took the picture at 9:30 at night and you can see it was still pretty light out. It stayed this way until a bit after 10:30 or so. Crazy, i think it really threw off my clock more than usual. I was really dogging it at the morning sessions of the conference but then by about 2:00 I was wide awake and had a strange hunger for pancakes...
This is kind of like Finnish bowling. You throw these log/pin things at other log/pin things and try to knock over single pins to get points. Knocking over multiples gets you negative points and so on. I played for a while but the game takes forever (at least when you play with a bunch of other foreigners who suck). The best thing about finnland was definately the food. Reindeer, lots of berries, wild salmon, chocolate mouse, these potato pancake things for breakfast, smoked fish, all of it awesome. More on switzerland in an upcoming post.
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