How does this happen

4 Boys under 14 Molest 8 year old girl


In light of the recent campaign in the blogosphere to end the culture of rape that is ravaging portions of Africa we get the case of 4 young men under the age of 14 sexually molesting an 8 year old girl. All 4 alleged perpetrators and the victim are refugees from Liberia in West Africa. The boys lured the little girl with the promise of chewing gum into a wood shed where they committed the crime. The victims family has since shunned her and her father has stated the little girl has brought shame to the family. I’m having trouble determining who in this story I detest more…the boys who committed the crime or the father of the little girl. Sometimes I fall into the trap of moral relativism that says that we should do our best to respect other cultures, religions (less of that), at all costs…then something like this comes along that reminds me that sometimes there are indeed moral absolutes and this is one of those times. The amount of places that are just totally ass backward in this world make the worst of the US look like Disney world. I’m just totally astounded that people and views like this persist. Patrick OUT!!!

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