Getting older everyday

Last night I watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary concert. It had the feel of a benefit concert, lots of big name acts coming out performing their biggest hits. The different thing was that just about every act had some sort of other hall of fame name come out and perform with them. Some of these pairings really worked, Metallica/Ozzy Osbourne and others didn't do so well. The highlight for me was definitely the U2/Fergie/ Jagger singing "Gimme Shelter." I would say i'm a big fan of the rolling stones (that song in particular), a fan of U2 and I generally thing that Fergie sucks. This time though, fergie was great in the chorus sections and really shined there. She was a bit of a diva but i suppose you really need to be when you're on stage with Bono AND Mick Jagger. The highlight though was 66 year old Mick, strutting around like a cocky 20 something...never missing a beat. Sure he looks a bit like a skeleton, and you worry he might break a hip but in reality, i hope i'm that lucky. I think if I started practicing my over the top strut now, by 66 i could be half as good as Jagger. 
Another of my favorite acts was also there, Crosby Stills and Nash. They should probably consider hanging it up for good. The beauty of their music is the harmonies they produce and that was almost entirely gone from this performance. They just couldn't exactly hold it together and it doesn't quite work. For them, I'll stick to the original albums and not worry about seeing them live. Other highlights included Sam Moore (still awesome), Buddy Guy (just great), Jeff Beck (rocks a guitar so hard it should be illegal), and Bruce Springsteen (who is just the best performer out there). Patrick OUT!!!

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