Jail Time...really?

The new health insurance initiative includes penalties for going without health insurance...which may or may not include jail time. I can't help but be brought back to the visions of Ayn Rand and her descriptions of governmental power by force. That is the only group in society that can take what is your by the threat of physical harm is the government. In that sense, we should limit the power of the government. Now, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about the health care debate and I don't know enough about this bill to really be able to comment on it but I would have a hard time supporting jail time for people without health insurance. Why should it be that the government can threaten you with physical harm to force the purchase of a product (don't forget, health insurance is a product like any other). If they want to provide an affordable version of that product than so be it but don't make me buy yours or anyone elses. In return, I'll absolve the government of its responsibility to look after my health at all. ; ) Patrick OUT!!!

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