Unacceptable behavior

A religious court in saudi arabia has ordered that a 13 year old girl should receive 90 lashes for carrying a camera-equipped cell phone to school with her. At what point do we in the United States put our desire for cheap fuel aside in favor of not purchasing it from barbarians. This is an unconscionable assault on basic human dignity. I understand in this country how some people (not me) might favor the death penalty for serial killers or child rapists but who in their right mind would or even could condone the public torture of a 13 year old child? Whats worse is that the offense was something so minor. While I understand that the statute concerning the cell phone was ostensibly designed to protect young women, it is part of a much larger religiously driven legal system that desires to quash the freedom of the citizenry and to solidify its own power structure by force. This is beyond unacceptable. Surely the saudis have a right to sovereignty but at what point does the world community say that enough is enough. I hope that time comes soon...Patrick OUT!!!

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