Lets Not OK

I just got back from a quick trip to the main campus (in the pouring rain i might add) and on the way back to the lab I stopped at Dunkin'. In front of me was a woman who was probably 30+ with huge glasses like she walked off the set of an 80s movie. Despite being somewhat young she was also dressed like she was in her 80s. Note...not from the 80s but IN her 80s. I'm not exactly a style maven (honestly i look like shit today) but i'm a bit better than this woman. Now, I'm usually content to superficially judge in my head and then promptly forget about it but this woman had more up her sleeve. She proceeded to yell her coffee order in the most patronizing way possible to the clerk (barista???). "I want (not would like, or will have) a LARGE- DOUBLE - MOCHA- SKIM- CRAPPUCINO. Now, granted the woman behind the counter doesn't count English as her first language but she does speak the language and she talks about coffee ALL DAY and so she's something of a professional. Under no circumstances is it necessary to talk to people in the fashion. I consider myself something of an expert in talking down to people (not always on purpose but thats besides the point) and even I was offended by her tone. I mean come on...she's foreign but NOT an idiot. The woman ordering i found out through eavesdropping is a mathematics professor which I guess partially explains (thought doesn't excuse) her social ineptitude. So I'm going to add cashiers and retails clerks as the third member of my list of groups that it pisses me off to hear people speak to as if they were children which already includes 1. Senior Citizens, 2. The Mentally Handicapped. Please please please, have some respect people. Patrick OUT!!!

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