Getting Closer Everyday

So its getting closer every day to when I finally make my pilgramage to the lands of the far east. Of course, when I plan my trip the state department issues travel advisories, the chinese government launches a crackdown on dissidents, makes it harder for foreign nationals to get visas, and the country has a HUGE earthquake. Besides that, trip planning is going swimmingly. Of course the upside to all of this is that unlike a trip to Europe my money is still worth something in China. After three years without a real vacation I am looking forward to this more than I thought I would those many months ago when we started planning the whole shebang. Though I am admitedly a bit nervous about the whole affair, I have confidence that things will turn out as planned or at least turn out OK. On the other side of things, I am doing my best now to wind things down at work so i can leave without guilt. I am going to do my best to not bring any work with me when I go, but I'm still contemplating the possibility of bringing a bit of nagging writing along for the plane ride over (23 hours shouldn't be wasted on crosswords and bad food). On the other hand, I feel like I should ignore all that on purpose out of principle for what a vacation should be. Time will tell as to what kind of a work-a-holic I really am.
Of some other note, I am now approaching the one-year anniversary of this blog. This is my 86th post here which seems like a lot to me as I'm rarely as consistent for this long. I guess I had originally intended it to be a travel log of sorts and not the scattered vent session it has become but i'm happy with its direction thus far. I've also recently surpassed my 2000th hit and I am approaching 2500 page views. For those of you keeping track, that is just over 6 hits per day. So if I take out my family (4 people) plus my girlfriend (1 person). That means, on average I have 1 reader per day. So to you...unknown reader...thanks. I'm just kidding of course with that breakdown...I probably have two unique readers at least...maybe more because I know some of those listed above are not as consistent readers as they would have me believe. To that I raise my virtual glass and hope for twice that number by this time next year...tell your friends. Patrick OUT!!!

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