I know its only monday but I am already feeling done with this week. Perhaps it was the relatively busy weekend but I have a feeling its my upcoming trip. I am just totally ready to be on vacation at this point and now this week is a lot of waiting to do very little. I can't start a lot of things because they will either not be done in time or done too early for my return. I've already cleaned the lab and done all the little nagging stuff thats been hanging around for the past month. Now, I'm writing blog entries while I should be working. It doesn't help that my boss is back in town for a few days and she will, of course, expect to see me working away when there isn't that much i could be doing. Furthermore, WPI had its commencement this past weekend which means that all my assistants are gone for good now and so I'm on my own again in the lab. This makes things a little slower and definately a lot more empty. Over the weekend, my sister had her bridal shower which went fairly well it seemed. I, of course, was absent from the affair and so I could only judge its success by the food remnants left behind, the various states of inebriation, and the pile of gifts that now dominates the living room. Of course, any party that leaves the benefactor with a full stomach, an empty glass, and a pile of gifts is a good one in my book. In the mean time, I saw Ironman. This was a pretty good movie I would say. A well done superhero movie with lots of good effects and relatively good acting from robert downey junior who apparently managed to put down the blow long enough the get to the gym quite a bit. Gwyneth paltrow was also in it but was sidelined a bit and I think could have been in it a bit more for a more complete movie. The upside to her character is that she is not nearly as whiney and annoying as Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane character from spiderman. Plus Gweneth is faaarrrr more attractive to look at on screen than ms. dunst. The movie was directed by Jon Favreau who manages to insert a bit part for himself as a limo driver in the very begining...of course I didn't realize he directed the movie at first. When he first came on screen I noticed him right away and figured that the limo driver must play some important role later in the plot of favreau wouldn't have taken the role. So for the whole movie, I waited for his return (I'm not spoiling anything when i tell you he doesn't come back) only to finally discover with the closing credits that he directed the movie. My only gripe about the whole film was the half-assed attempt at including a moral to the story about the evils of weapons development and the american millitary-industrial complex. Now, I am all about arms reduction and scaling down defense spending but this was not even close to a realistic representation of reality and the whole thing does not at all fit in the summer blockbluster vibe of the rest of the movie. It was like at the last minute, Favreau decided he wanted to make a run at the Palm d'Or but was stuck with a comic book hero and decided to go for it anyways. Of course, this probably wont win any major awards...but it doesn't have to...its just fun and it should make a ton of money for some studio execs which will quickly greenlight a sequel (which was set up so well in the first one) and I will pay my $10 to see it next summer. Patrick OUT!!!

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