Hong Kong Fooey #1

Its official, my first overseas blog entry. Its curently, day number 2 in Hong Kong. The flight in was longer than I could have ever anticipated but it wasn't entirely painful. We had a quick jump from logan to JFK that was pleasant enough and was pretty cool because the plane wasn't flying very high which let me see very familiar landmarks from the air as we traveled down the RI and CT shores towards Long Island. We then waited in JFK for 4 hours to board our long haul flight into Hong Kong. The plane was nice...of course not enough room to be really comfortable but certainly better than most airlines I've been on. The seats had a bunch of video on demand available so I could watched 4 movies and a bunch of other stuff and slept a little. We had two meals on the flight which were both pretty good and a few snacks in between. Additionally, the airline including free beer, wine, liquor, etc. at any time which was pretty nice and so we took advantage of that during meals. The flight attendants were almost all Asian and most were at least bi-lingual. They were also all very attractive and Elsa told us its because they have an upper age limit and the women have to be a certain height...this should be a selling point for the airline. One of them even corrected Brians mangled Chinese when he tried to order coffee in cantonese. After 16 hours in the air we landed a hong kong international (which is rediculously large) and made our way to customs. Here we were quickly segregated into HK ID holders and foreigners. The lines were essentially Asian and Non-asians. Brian and I segregated ourselves appropriately and quickly made our way through customs without a problem. We picked up our luggage and rode the bus for an hour towards Elsa's home and our hotel. There we met her parents and dropped of our luggage before going out to grab a quick bite to eat. I was pretty excited for our first meal and a little scared that I wouldn't know anything we were eating. We found a little stall and sat down. Elsa and her mother ordered for us because brian and I wouldn't have a chance. We thought we were getting tripe but it ended up being a beef dish that was strikingly similar to yankee pot roast and a iced lemon tea. Thus our first meal in China was potroast and ice tea...how very authentic. I'm sure we'll be moving into more uncharted territory soon. Pictures to come...Patrick OUT!!!

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