So I'm not dead. I know its been far too long since my last post especially given all the pretty cool things that have gone on since then. I returned from China about a week and a half ago and had two of the most interesting weeks of my life. I'm going to be writing about those experiences here over the next few weeks. I was thinking about doing a travel log kind of thing but I'm not sure that would be very entertaining or informative so I'm thinking about writing all about certain types of experience (food, art, culture, language etc etc.). I think that will allow more personal commentary on my part and hopefully on your part too. I will also try and post pictures of certain portions of the trip. These entries could be slow to come on account of a very busy travel schedule which includes 5 different states over the course of less than a month. Anyways, stay tuned for more updates and rantings about life in the far east. Patrick OUT!!!

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