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Yes folks, I'm back...tell your friends and family that the worlds best blog is now back on-line. Ok...maybe not the best blog, second best perhaps??? Maybe the best blog by a young graduate student in the city of worcester? Anyways, put in your nominations now and I can take home this prestigious title next year. Contrary to what you might be thinking I didn't die over the past few actuality I was just ignoring this whole thing. Not that I had really more important things to do I just wasn't feeling up to the task...but now I'm back and maybe not better than ever but at least as good as before. A lot of stuff happened since my last post though. For one, I submitted my first manuscript for publication. In short, that was a major pain in the ass...i'm fairly certain i've never worked as hard on a written document as I did for that. It is out for review now and hopefully we will hear back in a few months on that one. In the mean time how do I relax you ask? Answer: we started on paper number 2. Ugh, I am loathing the thought of really digging into that one. In lighter news I got kinda of into climbing over the winter and i remembered how much fun that can be. Its obviously just been in various rock gyms recently but in the spring I look forward to getting out on the real thing for a change. In other more recent news, there was THAT patriots game...I refuse to comment on it for fear of sinking into a deep dark depression that I might never emerge from. I will leave my feelings on all that at disappointment with a touch of astonishment. Nevertheless, the problem remains that like every february my sundays are going to now be brutally empty. If only I was religious then perhaps Sundays would now still retain their significance. As it stands now, besides the occasional Sunday brunch...we could really stand to just have a 6 day week until September roles around and football begins again. In other news, I am officially on my way to China in just under 4 months. Obviously many of the posts in the coming months will be dedicated to the whole process of getting there and then obviously the culture shock that will surely ensue upon my arrival. Of course, I couldn't let my return post go by without a little rant from my inner political junkie. Super Tuesday! I'm still trying to figure out exactly what is super about it. It didn't decide anything this didn't even effectively knock anyone clearly out of the race (this just in...Romney is out, I stand corrected). We can't call it super on account of the candidates. What do we have left...a whole bunch of firsts? First African American, First Woman, First Mormon, First really old guy (strike that last one...we've had that before). We've also got a lot of things that are not the first. Not the first time I've felt abandoned by the political system. Not the first time I've been without a candidate I really thought was right. Alas, another political season of settling for least bad...i think i'm starting to get used to it. With that sour note...Patrick OUT!

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