Presidents Day

So tomorrow is Presidents Day. Of course, I don't get that day off because WPI is rather miserly with not only holidays but also weather cancellations. You would think in a city like worcester with its massive hills that we would have more frequent weather closings...alas it is not meant to be. Back to the original subject: Presidents Day...i'm actually not all that upset about not getting this monday holiday off. In my mind, this amongst all the major monday federal holidays is the least deserving of a day off. Seriously people...who celebrates presidents day besides used car salesmen. Are there any families out there that all gather around to remember the greatness of george washington and abe lincoln. Does anyone light two candles in remembrance or sing presidential carols around a replica white house shrub...I think not (though they might be traditions i would start in my own family). I totally understand things like memorial day and veterans day...people go and do things on those days and its right to give people the day off to memorialize those who came before us and defended our country. Martin Luther King Day...certainly an important holiday for personal reflection on this nations sordid past. Even Labor day makes sense...leave it to the unions to celebrate the power of the labor movement by taking a random day off for a long brutally ironic and yet seemingly appropriate. Columbus day gets me a little bit...i never could understand why only the capitol of ohio gets its own holiday, or do i misinterpret things here??? But Presidents day...i think not. And really if there is going to be a presidents day we need to specify who we are talking about. Washington and Lincoln day makes a bit more sense. "Presidents" is just too vague for my leaves too much to personal interpretation. Do we really want a federal holiday that could be mistaken for endorsing the administrations of Millard Fillmore, Frankling Pierce, and James Buchanon. I will now take a moment to appologize to my readers who are also members of the Franklin Pierce fan club...i mean no disrespect and I'll be at the regular meeting next thursday. Anyone else interested we meet at VFW post 697 right after the womens AA meetings. Patrick OUT!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are right. Presidents day is the biggest piece of crap holiday we have. Outside of Columbus Day, of course. It's just another reason for government workers to get the day off while the rest of us drones get to work and pay for their holiday! But let's not forget the poor retailers. If anyone needs to celebrate the founding fathers by selling us crap that will put us even more into debt, it is they. Go US and A!

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