Pimped Out

First of all...read this story.

I'm kind of upset about this whole story from start to finish. On a lesser note, I'm not sure why anyone would listen to chelsea clinton stumping for her mother. Exactly what we need, a young college graduate who is anything but impartial telling people how to vote. Or perhaps she is selling herself the same way candidates sell their spouses to the country. I think it might have worked when Bubba was running and she was an awkward little girl with braces. Now, she is a political nobody that no one would pay attention to otherwise. Beyond all that, for David Shuster to say she was "pimped out" is outrageous on a whole other level. Have we come to a point in american media and american culture where a (formerly) respected news man can use the term "pimped out" and not laugh himself off the soundstage. Maybe next week David Gregory can pester the president about his "bitchs" and if an Iraq pullout is fo shizzle or not a realistic possibizzle given tha geopolizzles climatizzle of tha regionizzzle. On the same lines check this out as well...snoop dog + larry king = hillarious

With that...I am officially joing the Gangsta party for the coming election. I think I should fit right in with that crew. I really hope I don't need to pick a side in the crips and bloods feud ...i feel like i look good in both red and blue pinpoint oxfords and if that whole east coast west coast battle starts up again i just don't know what i'll do. Problems for another day I suppose...Patrick OUT!

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