A busy weekend

So events were firing on all cylinders this weekend. Friday night into saturday during the day I went camping. That was a pretty good time with good food and good people and we ended up really lucking out with the weather. While it rained pretty hard on friday night saturday was supposed to be miserable and ended up getting well into the 60s and maybe the 70s which meant that a nice long hike was in order with some pretty clear views of the boston skyline and a little bit of a workout to half replace the time at the gym I didn't get on friday. After that it was out to dinner at the met restaurant at the new natick collection (luckily only my third visit to the mall). Food was pretty good, I ended up having a tuna steak with a wasabi sauce. The tuna was cooked perfectly (with the exception of the last piece that should have been served with mayo on white bread) with just the right amount of charring on the outside but the wasabi sauce was a bit overpowering for the whole dish. If they had toned that down a bit it would have been something to write about (though I guess it was anyways given what i'm doing now). More important to the whole evening was the company. A few friends from highschool and their significant others whom I hadn't seen in a good many years. It was really nice to reconnect a bit and catch up on whats been going on. After a somewhat long night with them, it was up early again and back to the lab. Deli (another member of the lab) gave us a dry run for his PhD qualifying presentation which went alright and so I think his chances of success are good. He presents today and it seems like he is ready to go. After all that it was back home by 4:00 at which point I watched "300." A review of that will be forthcoming this week. Patrick OUT!!!

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