Why can't we get sportscasters like that?

So it finally happened. WBZ, after 30 years, has had enough of Bob Lobel. To be honest, I've had more than enough of Bob Lobel for some time. As a frequent contributor to Patriots broadcasts both on television and radio and as a guest on my preferred talk radio station to talk about all things sports...I should probably like him. He is obviously a fan of my sports teams...he cares about their success and he can talk to any personality he likes and get the inside story. But...I can't get it out of my head that he constantly sounds like a drunk or a stoner. I am all about social drinking and I even favor the legalization of marijuana but it occurs to me now that there should be a caveat to such policies. My law would be written as such..."No person involved in the broadcast of news or sports shall do so under the influence of any controlled substances." I mean seriously, Bob Lobel is sometimes so unintelligable I can sit with my mouth agape in awe at how a station manager could let someone so far from being lucid onto the air. It got even better when he was paired with a Dan Shaughnessy or a Steve Burton who I think were almost as surprised as me that they let this fool on the air without his meds. Even with all this, WBZ dealt with his crap for a good many years...so why now. Well it seems that it was a cost-cutting maneuver on their part...flushing out the old guard to be replaced with a cheaper younger, polished crew. Or perhaps it was something more, a new WBZ random drug testing policy...coupled with the station wanting to save the old man some dignity in his waning broadcast years. Now, if we could just get rid of cedric maxwell from those celtics games and if tommy heinsohn could quit it with the obnoxious tommy points. I kept thinking, do people really keep track of this shit...is there a tommy point leader board (answer: Yes, www.tommypoints.com)? Supposedly, he gives them out for risking life and limb for the better of the team. Come to think of it, I watched a bunch of games in the old garden in the mid-90s...don't i deserve a tommy point for that. Or how about the games I watched last season...my head covered in shame as I left the building or the risk to life and limb upon asking the bartender to put on the "C"s. By my count, being a celtics fan over the last decade entitles you to at least 500 tommy points...more if you bought season tickets at any point in that period. We'll give you a plus 50 if your fondest memories in celtics history involves any part of Dee Brown winning the slam dunk contest or if you were born after 1986 and are still a fan. On the other side, -50 points if you ever considered rooting for the pistons just because Bird went there or if you ever considered lobbying for the return of chris ford or rick pitino to the coaching staff. Maybe bob lobel could go down to philly and cover mr. ford again for a time or if that doesn't work out...I heard that High Times magazine needs a sports editor. Patrick OUT!!!

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