Sore Loser

So I finally joined a gym. Its been a long time coming and I had bene putting it off but I suppose that now is the right time. Perhaps its getting a year older thats doing it or maybe something else but I feel like this time its for real. Much like the other 2 (okay more like 5-7) times that I've started out a gym regimen, I feel like crap. Usually it only lasts for a few days but man it is aweful. I always know its coming after that first really tough workout but this time it was a bitch and a half. Luckilly, its just about gone now so it should be more or less smooth sailing from here on out with only moderate pain and soreness for a few days after. In other news, I also officially lost my bracket pool. Actually, its not news...I lost close to a week ago. My theory as to the connection between the proportion of graduate students to basketball sucess was only marginaly sucessful. It predicted reasonably well for the first two rounds and then totally collapsed in the regionals. Of some note however, if my theory was applied to the final four matchups it would have sucessfully predicted that Memphis and Kansas would have prevailed with ratios of 0.33 and 0.26 respectively. With that in mind, I predict that Kansas will be the victor in tonights contest. Kansas had the second lowest proportion (after UNLV) in its division and Memphis had the third lowest (after oregon and michigan state). All told, of 63 games played I picked 32 correctly which is just over a 50% success rate. Next year, a coin flip might suffice and would probably be easier. Off to nurse my muscles and my pride. Patrick OUT!!!

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