Atheist Auto Sales

So as I was driving in to work this morning, I noticed a new sign on the way. In shrewsbury one of the small local auto dealers has changed its name (maybe management too) to “Miracle Car Sales.” Their sign has a small “jesus fish” in the corner which leads me to surmise that we have an auto dealer with a truly Christian bent. I’m not sure I would buy a car from such a place. I think I would rather my auto dealer be either atheist, agnostic, or at the very least apathetic to religion. I mean just imagine buying a car from Miracle Auto Sales…sure they give you a good deal but what if you need repairs. Do they pray about whats wrong with it and hope that god gives them a clue in a jelly donut shaped like your carburetor. If you need a bumper repair, do they send you to a transubstantiation body shop? I, for one, think that the world needs a truly secular auto buying experience. I propose the following. Patrick’s Atheist Auto Sales! I even have a catchy tag line for our cheap TV ads: “Come on down…Sunday Sunday Sunday…its not like we have something better to do.” We would of course be the next evolution in auto sales…if you believe in that sort of thing. Of course, I wouldn’t half ass any of this, we would have a full service auto megaplex here. “We don’t walk on water car washes.” “ Deist Dent and Ding Services with Atheistic Attention to Detail.” “Plus unlike those jesus loving auto dealers…YOU are our number one priority.” I could make millions off the 8% of the public that are non-believers…or maybe not. Patrick OUT!!!


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