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So here it comes…a showdown for the ages. The new “young gun” administration vs. “the lion of the senate.” So it seems, that President Obama is going to render some sort of decision on the fate of “Cape Wind” the proposal to station more than 100 giant wind turbines off of cape cod that would generate electricity for the state. The project is slated to cost close to a billion dollars but could produce enough electricity to supply 75% of cape cods demand at any given time and offset carbon emissions to the tune of 1 million tons annually. So its expensive but it might just be the wave of the future and really it’s a neat trial for the technology. Dear old senator kennedy opposes the plan. Why you ask…well he says its because it it would harm fish and birds that live near the area. So the government commissioned a study and come to find out they determined that the plan was environmentally sound. Hmmm…what else could it be senator. Oh wait, maybe your house on cape cod…is it going to ruin your view? A couple of specks of clean energy generation more than 5 miles off shore. Now, I understand. If he was really concerned about the environment then he would support the plan…not only because of the already mentioned reasons but also because of the reduction in oil that would need to be shipped to the cape cod power station. Over the past 32 years…there have been two incidents that combined spilled close to 8 million gallons of oil off the coast of cape cod which killed thousands of birds and fish and shut down shell fish beds for weeks. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about those things…but senator ted doesn’t agree. While regular readers will surely know that I am no big fan of governor Patrick…he definitely has it right on this one and I hope he presses Obama to use his considerable clout to push this project through. The state could use a boost to the economy (jobs putting these things up and supporting the crews who do) and it could use the energy too. Come now teddy, its time to look past your mansion’s ocean front view and towards the future of energy independence. Patrick OUT!!!


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