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So I’ve now been informed by two regular readers of this site that my posts have been too depressing recently. This is not on purpose. I’m not depressed in the slightest, rather I think its more a reflection of what I find interesting and furthermore what I think a reader might find interesting. At this point, a blog is not really a reflection of anything and everything that comes through my head in a day. While my posts tend to be pretty scattered in their topics that is really because I only write when I think something deserves to be read. It’s a bit akin to people who talk constantly without saying much of anything as if silence is something to be avoided. I have always taken the approach of trying only to speak when I have something to say. This is not to gloss over the fact that a lot of my posts are little more than frivolous dribble and ramblings…irregardless of that idea, I usually find them either interesting, funny, topical, or in rare instances insightful on a personal sense. I typically don’t share much in the way of personal news and I guess when I do it comes across as depressing…which I suppose might be cause for concern but I don’t think so. The other posts that might be depressing are those in which I’m critical of someone or something. Of course, the individuals and organizations which I criticize tend to be large, powerful, and famous or more likely infamous. These groups don’t really need any pats on the back from little old me or from any readers and so I tend to focus on the critical. This is definitely, unlike my other posts, a distinct reflection on me and my nature. I’m not usually a down individual or prone to “glumness” but I am very critical. I tend to think of it as a positive character trait (though others may not) and respect it quite a bit when I find it in others. So as we move into the new year, you can expect more of whats already been given; a cultural critique as best I can muster. Patrick OUT!!!


Also for 2009…A new section in each post, what I’m listening too:

This week: Nina Simone

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