A Good Fit

So as I move forward into the new year I am being consistently bombarded both within my own mind and by others to find things that are a good fit. I need a next step in my career that will be a good fit for me. Someplace where I can grow and learn and also feel like I make a contribution to the greater good (don't I sound idealistic now). I also want someplace where I can have fun and do things that are exciting and new. I'm, of course, also looking for new people and more specifically a new person in my life that might be a good fit. I'm not going to list of a profile but let me just say that news of Giselle Bundchen's engagement to Tom Brady was very disheartening...i mean that guys kind of a bum...he hasn't worked in 16 weeks. I guess it just wasn't meant to be...too tall I suppose for me anyways. Which brings me to my last and most attainable goal...clothing that is a good fit. Being a man of less than average verticality but also with less than average circumfrence can make clothing difficult. I know that everyone thinks that nothing good comes in their size when they go look for clothes but I think my problem is a bit different. With men's clothing,to say nothing of women's sizing that is such a rediculously enigmatic thing to me that i'm often left beyond confused in my attempts to understand how a woman's sized can be reduced to a single number that has little if any relationship to any actual dimension...things should be made to measure so it should, in theory, be easy to find suitable shirts and slacks that fit well. Unfortunately, those sizes are all well and good for necks, sleeves, wastes, and inseams but there are crucial other factors that rarely swing in my favor. Most shirts, while fitting fine around the neck and resting nicely along my wrists, have enough extra material in them to supply a team for the Americas Cup. I could never figure out why they did this until I bought a shirt in China (not just made in china, actually marketed to chinese people). It fits great...i can only surmise that it must be due to my exceptional averageness in China. I wasn't the short skinny guy there, rather I was the perfectly proportioned and actually a bit tall gweilo<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gweilo>. Thus the problem lies in the demographics in america that says that a guy my height should be stocky...ugh, the american obesity crisis hits home. Well I'm off to have a donut...it should make my shirts fit better someday. Patrick OUT!!!


Marie said...

"Contribution" and "greater good" have been all-too-familiar key words in my (personal) journal this past half year in talking about career/life path. Seriously. Maybe it's something about this age/time in life...? Career/work growing pains?

As for women's sizes reduced to a single number - I believe that's dress size, which more or less can be reduced to a single number as it's a single garment for the whole body...at least that seems to make simplistic sense to me.

Patrick said...

I agree here that this is probably a product of our time and age and a certain amount of unavoidable idealism that has not yet been forced to reconcile itself with reality (thank goodness). However, the sensibility of a dress size I still find disagreeable. For something like a dress that drops and accentuates in a certain fashion should require all the more, a precise system of measurement. At least as much, if not more, than I am allowed on a shirt or pair of trousers. But, I'm not really the victim here so I don't have much stake beyond that fustration that I can only invision (and aren't we all thankful for that).

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