So I am becoming more and more averse to my mentor/advisor/BOSS. I can’t write a whole lot about it here because this is a public forum (which she doesn’t read currently…thank god). I will summarize the idea in a few simple trends.

1.       Likes to ignore/downplay my ideas until someone else proposes the same thing and then she presents it as the second persons ingenuity

2.       An unyielding stubbornness and amazing capacity for snap judgments with a complete lack of ability to see the other side of an argument

·         I know I’ve probably been accused of the same thing because I have strong opinions on lots of issues…the key difference is that I pride myself on knowing the other side of an argument and making a reasoned (usually) choice to believe the way I do. I am also fully willing to change my views if new evidence comes to light that makes my old view foolish or incorrect

·         For instance, we fought about the correct usage and definition of a word…one would think that the dictionary would be the ultimate resource on such matters…I found out that its apparently not the case

3.       Lack of empathy for people around her while simultaneously taking things extraordinarily personally.

4.       Immature and unproductive response to criticism of any sort no matter how well-intentioned

Some of you may be saying…OK, what do you do about it? The answer…not much. I’m fairly spineless in dealing with her and I routinely yield to her on matters like these because the result of me pushing back is NEVER positive. Instead, I work around the ridiculousness and try to get my way within the system hoping she never finds out I did so. I feel better now.

“Thanks for noticing me” - Eeyore

Patrick OUT!!!

What I’m Listening Too: Sarah McLachlan (don’t look at me that way…she is very talented and I’m confident in my sexuality)


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