I blog about a lot of different crap but i think that probably 90% of what I write about is either religion/philosophy, science, politics, and formerly professional sports. To that I'm going to add another topic that I probably could have been writing about all along, climbing.
Climbing is one of those things that I've done off and on for years and always kind of liked for a variety of reasons, the least of which is fitness. I think the thing I like most is the perpetual challenge of it. It is also infinitely NOT like science despise what people may think. Its much more akin to a practiced art and for someone who is perpetually not graceful it gives me an opportunity to explore that whole thing in a way that is both fun and different. I also have a confession. I say confession because my readers who climb regularly will no doubt guffaw at such a thought but...I like climbing in the gym better than on rock. There I said it...its out. I know its sacrilege to even suggest such a thing but its true. I like the simplicity of it, the quickness, the focus on particular skills rather than conquering a face. Is it easier...yea. Does it have less risk...yea. Are those things that I can appreciate about it...yea. Does that make me less of a man...i don't rightly care.
Went climbing yesterday (as I do every Thursday) and had a particularly strong workout. A disclaimer, I'm going to get technical here but I'll do my best to insert wikipedia links where appropriate for those of you not familiar with the lingo. As I was climbing a more or less moderate 5.9 (which is probably a bit below my ability now) i found myself stuck on a particular portion requiring a double gaston. It was a kind of weird ring hold that needed a real focus on body tension to get your feet right before dropping down and sliding over the wall and I struggled with it falling twice before I realized what a simple move it should have been in the first place. It really highlighted why I like climbing...there is such a neat progression between practice and perfection in climbing. I know that next time I do that climb, maybe a month from now, I will not even think about what I should have done first...I'll just do it.
I will say that despite my struggles with grip strength, I've gotten a LOT better in the balance department and the avoidance of the barn door effect, and I rely far less on doing repeated pull-ups during a particular run. I was always mindful of my reliance on using that particular ability for escaping my own bad form and I've just started to escape that particular handi-cap. As a final note, anyone in the worcester area should check out the Central Rock Gym. Its a nice place with a great staff and decent climbing all around at all levels. Also has a huge bouldering wall and some really neat features including a few runs with great Arete features. Highly recommended for a visit. Patrick OUT!!!

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Marie said...

Hah, sometimes I feel that way (gym > outdoors) about running on a track vs. road least in practice. I always feel a little shameful about that, like I should enjoy running along the road more (and I do that for long runs) but my liking of the track is very similar to your good points about the rock gym...simple, efficient, easier to track progress or work on one skill at a time.

I like to think there's nothing wrong with that. :)

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