A Novel Nobel

So I'm going to heap criticism onto the Nobel prizes with the rest of the blogosphere...not to say that I disagree with this years selections but the Nobel prizes could use some reworking. At this point we have chemistry, physics, medicine and physiology, literature, peace, and economics. The first five are specified in Mr. Nobel's will but that last one, the Nobel Prize in Economics, is awarded not from the original interest on the Nobel fortune but rather from the bank of Sweeden.
This is the model I think we should adopt going forward. I would like to see more prize categories raised to the level of the others. Perhaps a prize in earth sciences, or social sciences or even engineering. Furthermore the Medicine and Physiology prize discounts massive amounts of biological inquiry...including my own. Since the prizes are funded through Al's fortune and the categories are defined in his will, I think that the scientific societies should step up and fund other prizes to be given the same prestige in these other fields as the prize in economics has achieved. Its time to recognize great achievements across the board and not be reliant on outdated paradigms of scientific disciplines. Patrick OUT!!!

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