So a recent study conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion has found some interesting information about the population of Muslims in the world. While I know I routinely think of the Muslim hotbeds of the middle east and Indonesia...there are massive numbers of Muslims living in China and India (22 million, and 161 million respectively). That's a lot of people are it dwarfs many of those middle east nations. Of course, the difference is whether they are living in a "Muslim country." In other words, are they a majority and do they have a legal system based on sharia law. This presents a few problems for those not in "Muslim countries" in that many regions and cultures are not particularly accepting of minorities and especially not Muslim minorities. Outbreaks of violence in France, Indonesia, and more recently China's western provinces highlight these difficulties. All in all, nearly 25% of the world proclaims Islam as their faith. With atheists/no affiliation accounting for a measly 15% of the population we've got a ways to go. That being said, its surprising, I think, that the godless among us don't wield more power poltically. Patrick OUT!!!

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