My Nemesis

Yesterday I received a notice from the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), which I'm a member of, asking for donations to counter a new offensive by the Foundation for Thought and Ethics (FTE). With that innocuous title you could be forgiven for not realizing that FTE is one of the primary players in the push to get creationism admitted to public school curricula. As such, they are my sworn nemesis (thanks Mel). You see the FTE is worried that NCSE is trying to "indoctrinate" our young people in believing in "Darwinism" and that this will turn them into "materialists." Of course these are all key words designed to rile up the masses into thinking that NCSE is going to, through the teaching of evolution, turn the helpless children of America into brainwashed godless heathens.
Don't get me wrong here...I am all about turning children in godless heathens but I'm not about brainwashing. Of course, the NCSE has to be a bit more political about the whole thing and deny that they are trying to act against religion and yada yada yada. I, however, am under no such restraints and can freely state that I would be happy if children looked at evolution and compared it to their bible studies and said..."well, would you look at of these things makes sense and the other does not." Of course, i don't need to tell you which one makes sense in this case. If such an event occurs and that child leaves behind the religion of his forbears than so be it, he has been educated and the schools have done him a favor and he in turn has advanced society.
The FTE, of course, is acting against society and is actively trying to undermine the science education of millions of young people. It is unconscionable and should not be tolerated in a modern society. Furthermore, selling a falsehood seems to me an immoral act which in my mind makes the FTE neither thoughtful or ethical...but what more could you expect from a "christian think tank (oxymoron perhaps?)." Patrick OUT!!!

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