Great Disappoitnment

Thanks to Wikipedia I know that today is the anniversary of the "Great Disappointment." A day when the followers William Miller were let down to find that their prophets predictions of christ's second coming were not quite right. Miller had said that today (in 1844) would be the day of christ's return. Some of his followers even gave away their possessions to ease their entry into heaven. While this happened more than 150 years ago...I kind of think people would still fall for this today. I think I'll start making a reverse insurance policy. I'll take possession of your material goods just in case jesus comes down and wants to judge you poorly for owning  a Lexus. Should the great redeemer come to earth you're all set and I'll take the fall for all your evil material possessions. If he doesn't, you get your stuff back minus a small commission for my services. Its a win-win. Or maybe its just a win...for me.
More seriously the "great disappointment" here is not that christ didn't make it back to earth in time for these folks but rather that William Miller was able to fleece so many people into believing such BS. Hopefully we've come some distance since then. Patrick OUT!!!

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