ABI Day 1

Woke up early and got my bike together. Took a short ride and then back to the house before everyone else was up. Took a shower and read some of Pam's magazines. Had breakfast with Adam and Melinda, the two undergrads also staying here. Pam gave me a ride to ABI this morning and introduced me to 101 people in the span of about 10 minutes. I have a quiz tomorrow on their names so I should probably study. Anyways, I gave my date of birth, SSN, and address to about 15 people today...and this country wonders why identity theft is a problem. Its because its not theft, people like me just give it away. I should have tried to sell it on eBay first...just to see what I could get for it.

1 identity for sale
in "like new" condition
might need some minor work or repairs
no major damage and low mileage
no reserve...will not ship out of US

start bidding people!

Anyways, got to the lab finally after getting access to the building. All the main doors require you to scan your hand to get it...very mission impossible without all the weirdness from tom cruise. For those of you in GH06/GP4212...I met someone who could be Jose's personality twin today. She is from mexico, is obsessed with cleanliness, is somewhat abrasive, and is always in the lab looking for trouble and grinding her students. Guess who volunteered to do my work there??? Anyways, I escaped and had a private lunch with pam today...somebody cue up the simon and garfunkle. Came back home put some air in my bike tires and rode to campus quickly just to see how it would be. The ride was short but the humidity is killer, I'll need to leave early in the morning to beat the heat. Came back and had dinner then watched Ali which was too long on fight scenes and not long enough on back story. Discovered that Pam likes to talk through movies and add silly commentary, or dance...yes, dance. Red Sox won today...pat couldn't watch the game...they play tomorrow on ESPN...Pam didn't spring for good cable to go with the nice TV. Maybe I can go to a sports bar to watch the game...wait dry county. hmmmmm...starting to shake...having minor breakdown.
Patrick out

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