Where I Be

Found a floorplan of the apartment I should be moving in to. If you look closely you should notice that two of the bedrooms lack doors for entry/exit...I really hope I don't get one of those. I'll post an address here as soon as I get it...then you can all send me things, redneck repellant, maybe water from a "bubbla" or some "jimmies". Also, I've just been informed that not only is Jonesboro within a "dry county"...but that the ASU campus is also "dry"...given that my apartment is on-campus...it looks as if I will be "dry", at least to any outside observers that is...
Patrick OUT

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Manuel said...

LOL. I am sorry to say that it is hilarious. You, Dan and Pam in the Woods. Who needs the Blair Witch? The upside is that being a dry country she cannot get you drunk. I would start developing an allergy to some endemic plant in Arkansa.

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