A Carnivore's Breakfast

Went to the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things and decided to get some chicken for dinner tonight. In my search, I discovered a package labeled "breakfast pork chops." They look just like dinner pork chops as you might guess. I don't want to sound like some hippy here but the majority of meat that I consider appropriate for breakfast comes in the form of a few strips of bacon. What kind of carnivore does one need to be to pass over the corn muffin, oatmeal and orange juice in favor of a big meaty pork chop early in the morning. In addition behind the counter was a man who was a true redneck...not in the figurative disparaging way that I usually use that term but in the actual way...his neck was the shade of cherry cough syrup. I'm not sure how one gets a neck that red working at a deli counter? Maybe he has pork chops for breakfast.
Patrick OUT!

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