Flattery will get you Everywhere

Started the day off with a trip to memphis to pick up Dan (a lab mate from Worcester and who is now living in the apartment with me for the summer and also working at ABI) from the airport. A pretty boring drive to say the least, but I will probably do it a bunch more times before the summer is out. Memphis looks like an interesting city so i am looking forward to seeing more of it than just the airport. Went out to lunch, where a waiter threw hot apples at Dan...apparently Chilis down here don't appreciate yankee business. Got to work at the crack of noon and still left on time to make it home before the game...why doesn't that ever work out that way in worcester? Working around in the lab I got my first hint of a post-doc offer. The PI of the lab said I should apply for the position they have opening up in a year. I informed her that I wouldn't be done quite that soon and she said to keep her in mind when I do. Not to shabby in my book...only a week and she wants to keep me. Perhaps its my finesse with a graduated cylinder or the way the sunlight reflects off of my rippling e coli cultures that just makes me irresistable to these women of science. I can really only begin to guess. Day went well otherwise, aside from a very disappointing redsox loss...just when I thought they were edging on untouchable, Dice-K gets lit up like a clark griswold christmas tree. Another game scheduled for national TV on Sunday with the Yankees so I can get my fix then too. In other entirely unrelated news, I finally got a PO box so I have an address.

Patrick Arsenault
PO Box 528
State University, AR 72467

Feel free to send me things, especially post-cards from places you may be going that are better than Arkansas (i.e everywhere but alabama). Patrick OUT!

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