A good ride spoiled

I blew a tire on my bike last week about 45 feet from the apartment, I had a spare tube that I put in but I didn't have my tire pump here. Alas, I was going to be out of commission until I could go buy one. Decided I could walk it down to the gas station and fill up there to get me back on the road and I would buy a pump later. Come to find out, the gas station wants fifty cents for air? I was just finally getting used to shelling out cash for bottles water and now they want money for air too...whats next are they gonna charge me for the sunlight? With water, I can kinda see it, ok...so you want to pay 2 bucks to get something in a bottle that you could get virtually free from a tap. So maybe the dasani bottle is worth 2 bucks to you...who am I to judge. On a side note, Dasani is owned by the Coca Cola company and they now sell more dasani water then they do any of their other soft drink products. That is pure marketing genius on their part. I can just hear the old fat cat coke board meeting in atlanta now,
Big Boss Man: "Ok gents, get this...we are going to take coke and we are going to take out the syrup...then we are gonna forget about all that carbonation business and we can sell it"
Little Guy in the Corner (represents me): "Why would anyone buy that? Its just water...they can get it for free"
BBM: "You're FIRED! They are gonna buy it because we are going to raise the price over that of coke...give them less for their money and put it in a nice blue bottle because everyone knows that blue means clean and fresh!"
Rest of the Board(in unison): "Hahaha...good show old chap...good show in deed!"
BBM: "Quick, somebody call Deval and let him know about this, he always up for taking more money and delivering less!" *

But seriously...fifty cents for AIR??? They aren't even providing the container!
On an entirely different note...I had a premade stirfry for dinner from LaChoy (is that french or chinese, I can never tell). It SUCKED...unless of course soupy vegetables that taste of aluminum is your thing, in which case you should definitely go out and stock up because the rest of the metal taste lovin populace is gonna literally eat this shit up. That is all.
Patrick OUT!

*In case you were wondering...I think that all large corporate boards speak to each other in haughty british like accents! Also, Deval Patrick actually did sit on the board of directors for the coca cola company, so that wasn't just a cheap shot.

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