We live under perhaps the most music loving individuals in all or Arkansas...loud R&B emanates from each of their respective rooms. Heavy thumping base is ridiculous. They seem to also move a lot of things...I can't tell if they are moving into the apartment upstairs or if they are moving out...I really hope for the later but we should find out tomorrow. Sunday is the official move in day for the summer session for these apartments. Adam bought food today which he thinks will last him for two months, unless he is gonna eat rice everyday...I'm not sure how thats going to work. Also, an article this morning on wikipedia explaining me new favorite creature the Pistol Shrimp which makes a movement with its claw to cause a cavitation (very fast bubble collapse) that generates in internal temperature of more that 20,000 Kelvin to stun its prey. Evolution can be a frightening things sometimes...which brings me to my next topic. I have sustained my first conversion attempt. Whilst looking through the religion section of the local Barnes and Noble a man asked if I had found Jesus. I replied, "no, but I should probably check under my bed when I get home it seems like everything that i've lost ends up there eventually, give ya a call when I find him?" Ok, so I just thought that while he attempted to save my sinful, unrepentant, Yankee soul. Next time I'll just say yes and be done with it.

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