ABI Day 2

Rode the bike into the lab early this morning. First up to the lab section would normally be a good thing...discovered you not only need a palm print and pin number you also need an old fashioned key. Seems strange that there is such an overload of security for the building when all day the labs are open. Anyways, couldn't get in to do any work so rode over to the campus center which is about the same size as Boston Common and bought a sweet tea. Finished that up and read a copy of the local paper someone left on the table and when I realized the most exciting portion of the paper was the TV listings I decided it was time to go. Back into the lab...everything now unlocked, started a few experiments and tried to find a PCR machine. Discovered that ABI which has at least 8 lab groups on this floor all doing biology and most of them with some molecular component share a grand total of 2 PCR machines. So I signed up for next month and went on my way very confused at why they spend money in some places and not in others. Went back to the lab and talked to some people about chemicals and reagents I might need...they gave me a confused look and didn't understand why I would need such things. I explained and they informed me that all the experiments I was about to do they do with commercial kits...what to do...I relented and did my mini-preps with the new fangled columns and the like...not nearly as satisfying. Then Jose's sister was trying to teach some undergrads how to load and run and gel and was being very patronizing...she then proceeded to run it backwards and ruin the experiment, I had to strain to hold in laughter. Got my new ID card to add to my collection and bought a new notebook for down here with ASU emblazoned on the front in silver writing...I figure I can fake a southern accent at the next conference and talk about the good old boys. Patrick OUT!

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