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So here we have again people in the phillipines crucifying themselves…the article describes it as “one of the most extreme displays of religious devotion”. Yea, I would call it something different...but i’ll hold back. This kind of stuff doesn’t even deserve my criticism...should be pretty clear whats wrong here. I will however point out a quick quote from one of the devotees/victims

Inaje, a house painter, told Reuters he made a decision to have himself crucified after escaping death after a fall from a three-story building in the mid-1980s.

"I believed God was using me as an instrument to show the world the Filipinos' devotion to God," he said, showing his bandaged bands at a medical station after the crucifixion.

"I will never get tired doing this every year. This is my personal devotion and I will continue this until the Lord allows my body to endure the pain."

I think the reasoning here is just beyond me…fall from building…survive so that means god loves me so much to keep me from harm…in response I will nail myself to a cross MULTIPLE TIMES, to thank him…god looks down and smiles at what’ve I’ve done to the body he saved


Uhhhh??? Right…


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