Spinning My Wheels

This weekend was pretty eventful all in all. I ended up down on the cape doing the cape cod rail trail. The trail goes from dennis to wellfleet and we biked somewhere close to 25 miles or so. I felt surprisingly good and ended up doing another 10 or so back in Framingham for a total of 35 miles on Sunday. I tacked on another 10 on Monday morning and saw some friends who were volunteering or working along the marathon route. After that I began to consider for the first time, the possibility of buying bike shorts…still not sure I want to be “that guy.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of the race but I did manage to catch the end of the women’s race which was pretty intense. Two Ethiopian women sprinting to the finish separated by only 2 seconds and then one of them collapsed just after crossing the line. Then just a few second later, an AMERICAN crosses in third place. Not just any American, a fairly fetching young woman from Oregon who was ripped beyond belief. Yikes! The men’s race was pretty much no contest but again there was an American in third place to at least make a place for running in this country (something that’s been severely lacking in years past). After all that, I met up with a friend for a late lunch and some chill time…good stuff to end the day with. More interesting posts tomorrow. Patrick OUT!!!

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