A real boost to the economy



So according to the NY post, home-grown marijuana operations are in full force. The NYC police have busted 5 grow-houses with one housing more than 800 lbs of pot (4.15 million dollars worth). Wow! This is the kind of American innovation that we need to get this economy back on track. We have numerous people taking personal risk, setting up complex hydroponics growing systems to grow high potency weed which sells for more than twice the stuff that comes across the border from mexico (because it’s a better product). Screw locking these people up…they should be hired by GM and Chrysler. Now I’m all for marijuana  legalization, I think its just absurdity that we put people in jail for this stuff when you can get completely wasted on beer and do much worse. This is the modern era’s prohibition and now we are seeing the resurgence of bathtub pot (literally…this is hydroponic growing). It also makes me wonder…I’m a pretty bright guy. In my regular job in the lab we focus on a whole hosts of ways to get a plant (not unlike cannabis) to make a particular kind of drug (quite similar to THC) in large quantities and in small areas. The only difference really is that our plant cures malaria and doesn’t get you high. That being said…with a quick switch in species, I could run the best grow-house this side of Snoop Dogg’s mansion. Why not…grow a little and sell my product for $5000/ pound. Alas, the threat of prison is still very real for those growing the stuff. Massachusetts has taken a good step forward in the decriminalization of possession but if you start selling it then you are still up shit creek. If they decide to go the rest of the way…well then, maybe I’m in business. Patrick OUT!!!


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