End of the semester


Its coming to a close…my second to last year at WPI (fingers crossed). Theoretically this is also the last time I’ll have to teach class (at least until someplace is foolish enough to hire me as a professor). I am pretty psyched about all of that. This class is really dragging quite a bit and I’m looking forward to it being over and done with. I don’t typically dislike teaching but being held over a barrel this term has really robbed me of the enthusiasm I might normally have. The other side of the coin is that with the end of the semester means that most of my undergrad help in the lab (read: minions), will be leaving for the summer. I guess this means I’ll have to do my own dirty work from now on. Shucks. It looks like next year in the lab could be just me and some post-docs…kind of depressing. Who am I going to boss around now. I need new blood…people who haven’t figured me out yet. Again, fingers crossed for that one. Patrick OUT!!!


What I’m Listening Too: Into the Great Wide Open – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


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