Voting Rights

A state rep from my town (actually not my state rep…but mine isn’t much better) took action to try and change the state’s democratic party platform to support the allowing of towns to count the votes of illegal (she calls them undocumented) immigrants. I’ve always liked the term undocumented immigrants…I kind of think that if you steal candy from a drug store that you are just an undocumented customer. Anyways, I should probably get out there that I am for major relaxation of immigration laws in this country but not for relaxation of enforcement. You say… “WHAT?” Yea, I think it should be totally easy for people to legally come to this country but I want records and I want them to follow the same laws that I do, get drivers licenses, pay taxes, all that good stuff that the government makes me do. BUT…if you still decide to come here illegally then there should be little to no leeway in the way that the law is enforced. OK, that being said…our state rep wanted to give voting rights to people that are not here legally. OK? Let me get this straight…they break the law and have no documentation and you want to let them vote. We can’t verify an address or age. My youngest sister can’t vote because she isn’t yet 18…if she was an illegal immigrant would we give her the benefit of the doubt and let her. What about all the people in town next to mine that might want to influence our politics…it would be illegal for them to vote but if they lost their documentation…could they then give it a shot as well. Luckily, our state rep in her immense wisdom realized (with the help of pissed off constituents) that she was a total MORON. A new adage: “Those who can…do, and those who can’t become state reps.” Patrick OUT!!!



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