Busy Weekend

Well this weekend has been fairly eventful. On Friday, Elsa and I went to tanglewood to see James Taylor. The concert was excellent, he is both a very talented musician and a genuine and funny guy. We brought a picnic dinner to have on the lawn there and a cheap bottle of champaigne (I wouldn't have it any other way). The concert lasted a good 2 and a half hours and then we had to drive back to framingham. We didn't leave the conert until around 10:45 and then sat in the parking lot waiting to move for about an hour before then driving 2 plus hours to get home a few mintues before 2:00 am. Next day we got up and picked up Marie, a friend of mine and also one of Elsa's new roommates and drove out to see our friend Brian who has not been feeling well as of late. Brian actually lives fairly close to tanglewood but poor planning on my part had us doing the back and forth twice. We got on the road at about 11 to head back out to western mass and hit traffic in a bunch of different spots. It was really good to see Marie again and hear about her road trip that sounded awesome. I was jealous but I think she was probably jealous too because she didn't get to spend time stuck in Allentown with a busted water pump. Got to Brians at around 2:00 and quickly left again to get some lunch at a local farm stand/general store/ deli. Had a turkey pastrami reuben with bacon on it and toasted rye bread...fantastic. Normally I prefer a Rachel to a Reuben (both in sandwichs and in life), but this was pretty good and I'm willing to give Reubens another shot. Came back and ate in the blistering heat of the day and eventually retreated to Brian's fairly new home theater to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (or almost the last crusade as it turns out). Brian and I made dinner for the family that night which ended up being 10 people with all of us there. Dinner was just about ready when the power went out on account of a thunderstorm bearing down on another region of the berkshires and some tornado activity. We ate by candlelight and it was actually quite pleasant. Eventually left at around 10:00 and got back to Elsa's at just about midnight. This morning we got up and went to IHOP and I was able to indulge once again in corn pancakes which were as heavenly as always. I really need to figure out a recipe for those so I can make them at home every weekend. Now I must be getting back to work so i don't fall too far behind. Patrick OUT!

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