Shit Creek

"I'm very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me."
-George Carlin

This kind of sums up my situation at the moment. I got word about my car repairs yesterday. Seems that my cylinder heads were not cracked but they were a little warped from the overheating. This means the repairs should be around 2000 instead of 2800 which was also a possibility. I guess I can count myself lucky there. I have also worked out a means of paying that and my recently received bill for summer housing without going totally broke in the process. Also, Dan and I are going to this afternoons red sox game which is doubly good because Josh Beckett is pitching and I'm ditching work to go do it. Yesterday was Kate's birthday which was fun, the family plus some of her friends went out to the local japanese hibachi grill and stuffed our faces beyond what should be legal. I've always said that if I ever won the lottery I might have one of those big cooking tables installed some place in my home. I think it would be the perfect mix of entertaining and cooking. It seems to me that everyone always gathers in the kitchen in the first why not make that the point of it all by cooking in front of people. Plus...the ability to do the onion volcano thing whenever I want has a certain je ne sais pas that really makes it appealing. Maybe to start I will just go buy myself a tall chefs hat, a knife holster...then i can fling shrimp at all my friends. I've been working on my japanese jokes and almost unintelligable accent to complete the ensemble. I was also thinking what if I did an Irish-American cooking table to pay tribute to my heritage. Everyone could gather round and watch potatos boil and I could slice corned beef brisket and slop on some cabbage. Smells like success...and old socks. Instead of the little jar of soy sauce, I could replace it with whiskey because when you are eating corned beef and probably need it. Make your reservations early...this is gonna be BIG. Patrick OUT!

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rooster said...


2800$ is more than any of my cars cost.

glad you got out w/ only 2K, though.

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