Car Trouble Yet Again

Well, I brought my car to the mechanics yesterday and it was not good. Come to find out that my leaking coolant and the rough start are in fact related. Apparently my breakdown was either caused by or the result of a busted head gasket. Because SAAB likes to have a light engine block for better performance, they make them out of aluminum alloys instead of cast iron as might be seen on some beefier automobiles. This leads to some risk of heat stress in the event that something like a water pump breaks. Thus, I have to send out and possibly replace my cylinder heads because they might also be cracked. These things, one or both have lead to coolant leaking into my cylinders which leads to rusting and eventually hydrolock (damn that incompressible liquid stuff). Long story short, the mechanics need $2000 to fix this stuff and perhaps more if the cylinder heads are in deed cracked and need to be replaced. They are out to be pressure tested at the moment which also leaves me without a car for some time. Luckily, other means of transportation have made themselves available for the time being and I had a little bit of money saved away from the summer and before that will cover the cost of the repairs. Even so, it looks like I will be living a fairly frugal lifestyle for the coming months so that I might recoop my losses of the past few weeks. Trying to keep upbeat about the whole thing, i still have a job and a place to live and i'm not flat broke so I suppose in the end I can't really complain about my particular situation. Whats that old saying, "When life gives you a honda instead?" Patrick OUT!!!

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