Its that time of year again

Yes folks, its that time again. The time of year when with each passing week I get more and more excited and my sundays are full again. The time of year when on Sundays i can expect to open up a cold beer and do so little in terms of actual productivity that even Jabba the Hut would tell me to get off my lazy ass. Yes, football season has officially begun...sort of. Actually its just the pre-season but that is certainly enough to get my heart going and the butterflies in my stomach. I feel like that scene in Jerry Maguire where Jerry finally confesses his love for whats her name..."Bill Belichick, you complete me." Sometimes people give me that "any given sunday" crap but to them i're right, any given Sunday some loser team is going to bow to the majesty of the revitalized patriots offense. Not to mention the patriots defense that will still run over most offenses and thats despite having a former retiree with a broken arm and a stroke victim. If they weren't making running backs all over the NFL miserable week after week you would think we got them out of an old folks home. Furthermore, we might have bad boy randy moss on the team this year but I think we have been pretty fortunate ot not have many criminals on the team save Tedy Bruschi who has been stealing reads off opposing quarterbacks for the last 12 years. Add donte stallworth and kelley washington to the mix and all of a sudden Brady is going to be launching a "shock and awe" campaign through the air like you have never seen. Needless to say, I'm a little excited about the upcoming season. I know some of you are saying...Patrick, they lost their first preseason game. Well I know that, but they also weren't playing any of the aforementioned superstars to their full potential or in some cases at all. Its all coming together for another great season. On a similar note, the red sox still maintain the best record in all of baseball (despite some mediocre play recently) and even the celtics look like a championship cotender again. A golden age for boston sports may be upon us and to the gorillas of the gridiron, the devils of the diamond, and the kings of the court I say "show me the money!" Patrick OUT

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