Miss America Strikes Again

I just couldn't resist. I almost feel dumber for having listened to this but don't let that disuade you from listening yourself. The ramblings of an idiot like you have never heard. Also, it looks like "Slater" (don't know his real name) can hardly keep from laughing at her answer.


Marie said...

Hey hey Patty Cakes -

Elsa and I watched that during breakfast the other day and were, well...dumbfounded. In more ways than one.

"I think she meant...I think she meant people don't have maps..." *gape gape*

Keep up the blogging. It's fun to read. :) Mine's at: http://www.greene-girl.com/


Allison said...

Haha, you know what's really sad? I actually watched that live a couple of weeks ago. The only cable station we have is Comedy Central, and I was soooooo bored. I laughed my ass off. And then I cried a little because this idiot is supposed to be a role model.

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Eh...Pat? How does your blog know me? It knows my email address and I don't know how! Is your blog really smart, or did I at one point have a blog and have since forgotten? ARRRRRRRRGH THE MYSTERY IS KILLING ME!!!!

and now it DOESN'T recognize me!!!


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